Matech Points and Corners

MaTech Points are the centres for promotion and consulting of MaTech on the territory.

From the MaTech Points, it is possible to have access to the MaTech services and enter a showroom which includes a selection of innovative materials chosen among those available from the MaTech databank in Padova.

At MaTech Points, you will get in touch with skilled and specialized technicians, who will be able to give you useful directions on new materials and technologies available on the market, aiming at helping their application in the manufacture of new products and for solving specific technical, engineering or manufacturing issues.

MaTech Corners are centres created with the aim of diffusing scientific culture through innovative materials and are mainly aimed at primary and secondary school students.

Also in the MaTech Corners is an innovative materials showroom where specialised operators work to promote scientific education through technological demonstrations and the material on show.

The MaTech Points and MaTech Corners are indeed a national network for the spread of innovation directly supported by MaTech in its research and consulting activities:MaTech, MaTech Points and MaTech Corners work closely together to organize events, presentations and training courses on new materials and technologies.


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