New Materials and Technology Solutions for Transport Industry


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A seminary entitled ’New Materials and Technology solutiong for the Transport Industry’ will be held on Thursday, June 12th, at 2.00 PM, in the area ’Save the Weight’ related to the exibition Alumotive in Verona.

The seminary, organized by Metef in cooperation with MaTech, aims at presenting a wide selection of new materials and technology solutions for the transport industry, by illustrating their characteristics, processes and current applications.

Materials such as technopolymers, shape memory polymers, bio-based polymers, thermoplastic composites, light nanostructured alloys, functional surface treatments, structural sandwich, will be shown to the attendants together with many samples, in order to remark the importance of a right selection of materials for developing new products and enhancing the competitiveness of companies belonging to this sector.

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