MaTech’s technical staff has the knowledge necessary to select the materials and technologies which best suit the technical, functional and economic needs of its Clients. MaTech operates by researching and selecting the best technologies and materials for solving your design and innovation issues based on its IT databank and its stock of samples including a large and varied selection of materials and technologies, each complemented with technical fact sheets and information on companies manufacturing them. By constantly adding new references, we can ensure constant updating of the information available to us. Our experience on the field, facilities and IT equipment, as well as our applied research and design techniques allow us here at MaTech to:

  • suggest innovative materials for the development of new products;
  • solve specific design issues (cost reduction, improving technical properties, identifying alternative suppliers, benchmark analysis);
  • coordinate creative brainstorming sessions aimed at selecting new materials for functional or aesthetic product enhancement;
  • organize training/refresher courses on innovative materials and their possible usages;
  • organize guided visits to our innovative material stock place and showroom, thus leading the research path with the most appropriate creative inputs.

Initially, MaTech assesses the preliminary feasibility of each request for collaboration, which is then followed by a customized offer tailored on the needs and requests of every single client.

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