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A look at the innovation in the MaTech archives

This section gives you a reference review on the innovative materials; a proposal of the best technological solutions selected by MaTech from its database.You can consult the extracts of the charts of certain important materials, divided into the main families that the MaTech archives are classified by.With this section, MaTech gives you a window onto the world of innovation, to increase and share the culture of innovative materials.

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Polymers Luminescents, antistatics, thermochromatics, soft-touch, Soundproofs, electro and thermo conductive, honeycomb, high strength polymers and high temperature resistant polymers.

Metals and Alloy

Metals and Alloy Sintered Alloys, shape memory, reflecting, luminescents, antistatics, breathable, fireproof, UV resistant, electrocolored, elastics, scratch resistant and abrasion resistant.

Fibres and Fabrics

Fibres and Fabrics Heating textile, high tech fibers, anallergics, breathable, fireproof, metallics, thermo regulating, reflecting, abrasion resistant, cut resistant, stainless steel fiber, aramidic fiber, high modulus fiber.


Composites Structural, high impact resistant, lightweight, natural fibers reinforced, glass fibers, carbon fibers, aramidic fibers, high strength, wear resistant, corrosion resistant and high/low temperature resistant.

Ceramics and Glasses

Ceramics and Glasses Holographic glass, transparent, reflecting, iridescent, interference glass, tridimensional, special optical effects, piezoelectric fiber and tubes, ceramic injection mold, electro insulating or conductive.


Pigments/Additives Antibacterial, iridescents, interference, luminescent, thermochromatics, phosphorescent, photo chromatics, reflecting, UV resistant.

Surface Treatments

Surface Treatments Aesthetical or functional coating: easy to clean and water repellent, 'lotus-effect', holographic, antistatics, anti scratch, anti fog, anti graffiti, biocompatible, dry lubrication, PVD, CVD.


Foams Ceramic, metallic, polymeric, high impact resistant, micro cell, open cell or closet cell, vibroadsorber, shape memory, soft touch, slow-memory, viscoelastics, thermo regulating, microencapsulated.


Adhesives Mechanical or chemical adhesives, textile adhesives, adhesives for metal, adhesives for wood, adhesives for glass, adhesives for polymers, adhesives for materiali composite, structural adhesives, UV resistant, vibroadsorber, soundproof, chemical resistano and humidity resistant.

Technical Fluids

Technical Fluids Lubricant fluids, magnetostrictive, magnetorehologic, viscoelastics, vibroadsorber.


Naturals Biodegradable, compostable, flavoured, recyclable, biocompatible, produced from raw materials as potatoes, corn, cane sugar, hemp, thermoformable, injected, polymers, non-woven.


Technologies Metallic photoincision, photoetching, laser, electrodeposition, electrocoloration, nanometric film depositino, Flexible solar cell, magnesium dye casting, in mould decoration.
Polymers Metals and Alloy Fibres and Fabrics Composites Ceramics and Glasses Pigments/Additives Surface Treatments Foams Adhesives Technical Fluids Naturals Technologies