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Cross-Linked and Foamed Polyolefin-Based Compound



Technical Properties:

Waterproof, Elastic, Vibro-Absorbent, Thermal Insulating, Electrical Insulating, Soundproof

Cross-Linked and Foamed Polyolefin-Based Compound

Polymeric compound based on cross-linked and expanded polyolefins modified with thermoplastic elastomers and rubbers. This material has particular characteristics of lightness and good dimensional stability at high temperature. It can be transparent or opaque and it can be coloured without changing its intrinsic properties. It can be glued to all standard materials by special adhesives. It is also vibro-absorbent; it is soundproof and gives pleasant sensations when touched. It is used in a wide range of industries: footwear, boating and toys. (PO2529)

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