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Vibro-Absorbing Rubber



Technical Properties:

Waterproof, Viscoelastic, Impact Resistant, Vibro-Absorbent, Thermal Insulating, Fire Retardant, Electrical Insulating, Soundproof

Vibro-Absorbing Rubber

Viscoelastic rubber with excellent absorbing properties for shocks, vibrations and sounds. It is made of a polyester-based thermosetting polyurethane. Instead of applying more than one material to achieve all of their individual properties, this formulation allows the use of one product, combining the positive shock-absorbing property (up to 94% of energy), shape memory and high vibration damping characteristics all together. Furthermore, it maintains its properties over a large range of temperature, from –29°C to +72°C. Compared to traditional shock-absorbing fluid-based materials and foams, this rubber absorbs impacts for millions of cycles. It also eliminates the need for metal springs to return the system to its equilibrium position after absorbing a shock. It is available with flame retardant properties; as it is polyurethane based, it shows good chemical resistance. This material is used in the electronic field (gaskets, hard-disk cases), industrial, sporting (protections, foot insoles, bicycle seats), medical and in all applications requiring high acoustic absorption (audio instruments, headphones). (PO2591)

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