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Mixed Fibre Fabrics


Fibres and Fabrics, Naturals

Technical Properties:

Breathable, Absorbent, Elastic, Thermal Insulating, Thermoregulating, Fire Retardant, Electrical Insulating, Anti-Static, Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial

Mixed Fibre Fabrics

Mixed fibre fabrics. These fabrics have the particularity of being processed using natural and synthetic fibres, which give different properties to the final product. The processing method is a circular knitted stretch texture. The final product is particularly durable and resistant. Depending on the fibres used during texturing, it is possible to vary material properties: it is possible to have very fresh and cool fabrics which are hydrating and comfortable; to have antibacterial, anti-fungus and antimicrobial fabrics; to have fabrics that do not crease, and that can stimulate physical conditions. All these fabrics are particularly resistant to tears, to stress and all these properties can be varied using different yarns as reinforcement. Natural fibres and special essences inserted to have better fabric comfort are bamboo fibres, silver yarns, aloe and tea tree oil essence, cellulose fibres and fibres that can enhance transpiration. These fabrics have been studied for use in producing mattresses, to enhance and give better properties and comfort to the final product. But this texturing technique is particularly suitable in other sectors as well, such as: furniture, for armchairs, sofas and chairs; in the medical sector for more comfortable beds, for tear resistance and regulation of vapours; for the automotive sector for seats; and for the sports sector for technical equipment. (FT1097)

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