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Low Exothermic Close-Cell Expanding Film


Composites, Foams

Technical Properties:

Abrasion Resistant, Impact Resistant, Cut Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Thermal Insulating

Low Exothermic Close-Cell Expanding Film

Low exothermic close-cell expanding syntactic film suitable for honeycomb core filling applications. The typical cured density range for SynSpand is 23 to 37 pcf. The low exothermic chemistry makes this product ideal for deep core filling. High compressive strength provides the potential for certain structural applications. The film is capable of homogenous expansion over 200% at a temperature range between 250°F to 350°F. The magnitude of expansion is controlled by applied cure pressure, heat up rate, or the cavity volume of a closed mould. The recommended method of expansion uses a closed mould. The film requires refrigerated storage and must be stored at 0°F/-18°C or below for maximum storage life. The product is employed in aerospace, in combination with pre-preg or epoxy resin, which with which the film is highly compatible. It is available in a blue-green colour. It can be supplied in sheets or in rolls. (CP2087)

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