MaTech Academy

MaTech’s Workshops and Training Courses

The services offered by MaTech constitute an innovative reality in the field of new materials and technology transfer.

Thanks to the cooperation with Padua University and other national and foreign research institutes and boards, the approach that MaTech adopts towards the problems of product and process innovation is one of the subjects of the training courses in MaTech Academy.

MaTech Academy develops a programme of theme seminars to provide updates on the main material innovations (by families or working technologies and applications) addressed to:

  • firms and professionals, by offering targeted refresher seminars on the most important innovations in the world of materials;
  • schools, by offering specifically-designed training to make secondary school students more acquainted with the topics of innovation and new technologies;
  • MaTech Point, with a special training programme for the MaTech Point technicians responsible for relating with companies and consulting services on new materials.

Just like all theother service offered by MaTech, the training provided by the MaTech Academy is ’custom made’, taking the cultural profile and professional skills of its participants into account.

MaTech Academy sets up specific training modules in view of the topics to be covered, featuring an original and creative didactic approach.

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