Nanotechnologies are becoming increasingly more important in the development of innovative products; in the latest few years, research on this field has made many steps forward to the point that several ’nano’ technologies and products are now available on the market.

Specifically, new materials obtained from the use of nanotechnologies or treated with them offer new functionalities and enhanced technical performances which, in turn, are going to prompt industrial innovation in many different fields.

By working closely with Veneto Nanotech, a regional company whose goal is to carry out and establish a nanotechnology district and to promote nanotechnologies with other firms in the region, MaTech identified and included with its databank several references to nanotechnological materials and treatment which are already available on the market.

Photocatalytic paints, nano-crystal coatings, wear resistant treatments, nanostructured powders, printing inks, additivated polymers: these are but a few of the numerous products present in MaTech’s data bank which can be seen at our showroom in Padova headquarter.

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